At Last – Our New Website Is Live!

Its’ taken rather a lot of time!

I lost interest in “developing” the old website some years ago with the aim of creating a new one shortly thereafter, and last made a single update to it back in late 2018, though most of it has been “untouched” (and unimproved) for much, much longer.

So, after far too long, of starting, stopping, restarting, much collation, writing and pondering, we hereby present our new JA Universe website.

It is our eternal optimism that you’ll find the website interesting, informative, engaging and inspiring. We’ve broadened the content considerably from that which we published on the previous website, to encompass more of our interests, undertakings, “activity-ism” and missions. We will be frequently adding new content and imagery as we go forwards, so please revisit us regularly.

As the website is allnew, and will optimise itself for viewing on different platforms (desktop, tablet and mobile), there might be a few glitches to iron out that we haven’t noticed in our own “snagging”, so if you see anything that isn’t quite right, we’d appreciate anyone taking the trouble to point out any issues to us.

Do enjoy! – JC

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