A New Travel, Underwater Photography & Photojournalism Website Unveiled.

14th November 2005

Photographers and photojournalists Jeremy and Amanda Cuff have just completed a brand new website www.ja-universe.com to illustrate their work.

The compilation of the site began back in the early summer followed by the actual construction of the site over the late summer and autumn. The website went live on November 1st.

It features a selection of photography and articles with particular emphasis on travel and scuba diving, although other topics such as abstracts, motorsport and black and white photography are also included.

Photographer and writer Jeremy Cuff said, “We spent a considerable amount of time and effort to collate some representative examples of our work. Our website is by no means a comprehensive collection of what we’ve produced so far. It is intended as an overview – to show both the potential of our work, and the variety of images that we are capable of producing. The site is also regularly updated with fresh work, so it’s worth coming back from time to time, to see what’s new.”

“Our photography and writing has grown organically, starting as a simple desire to record our travels and experiences which, over time, grew into a more organised and focused pursuit whereby photography and feature writing is often the main reason for a trip.”

“So far, we’ve developed to the stage where we’re having work regularly published, but now we are seeking more regular and extensive working partnerships with publishers of magazines, newspapers, websites, image banks and books.”

New work will regularly be added to the JA-Universe website in the form of new galleries and articles, and also news items and an image of the month.

Notes to Editors

Contact: Jeremy Cuff on (01985) 214362  end_of_the_skype_highlighting/ 07768 308953 end_of_the_skype_highlighting / [email protected]