Field Notes From the Lembeh Strait, Sulawesi – December 2018

A “macro-fest” of critters!

I used the 60mm and Amanda, the 40mm.

We captured a decent set of images, though in hindsight I felt that I should have got more out of it, and experimented a bit more with bokeh, lighting and blur. The biggest theme of my dive trips is to shoot in a “photojournalistic” style, rather than creatively – great for the magazine features, but sometimes not as satisfying afterwards (I could have got more).

I’m thinking that we were tired and just needed a rest, without each day becoming a stress of trying to do too many things.

It was nice to see a Cockatoo Waspfish again, and to capture images of Blue Ringed Octopus on Christmas Day. – JC

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Field Notes From Mexico City – October 2018

A great few days, with time in Mexico City (great for “street photography”) and also at the excellent Mexican Grand Prix, which photographic possibilities galore. – JC

Field Notes From the Essex & Suffolk Coast – September 2018

Motorcycling photojournalism style photography from the Essex Coast – an area I’d not spent much time in, and filing in more gaps in my gradual circumnavigation of the UK’s coast. – JC

Field Notes From Jersey – August 2018

A chance to hook up and dive with my Jersey based friend, diver and underwater photographer Kirk Truscott.

The aim was to dive Bouley Bay (again) and capture some new images for a Scuba Diver Magazine feature.

The conditions weren’t perfect, but I was able to add to my “Bouley portfolio” and create a decent new feature. Thanks to Kirk for helping me with this. – JC

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Field Notes From Sicily & Ustica – July/August 2018

I’d wanted to visit Ustica for many years and wasn’t disappointed.

Photographically, it was stunning underwater and I was able to capture a representative set of images for features and calendars.

On land, there was plenty of photographic potential – both on Ustica and in Palermo and Mondello at the beginning and end of the trip. Highly productive. – JC

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Field Notes From Ireland – July 2018

I had to capture this one photographically, but could have done with more time, as there were some exhausting days in the saddle.

In Belfast, Amanda and Zac met me, so it was nice to have a couple of days off the bike to visit the photogenic Giant’s Causeway and the Titanic Museum. – JC

Field Notes From Bournemouth – June 2018

One day, two dives – would it be enough to get a feature for Scuba Diver Magazine?

Well, yes, it was.

On dive one, I shot macro, even capturing a Bobtail Squid, and one dive two, I worked the vistas with the fish eye lens – a satisfying day’s efforts. – JC

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Field Notes From the Bristol Channel Coast – June 2018

A hardcore motorcycling trip that had rather too many miles.

I captured some images, but didn’t have time for many, such was the need to “push on”. – JC

Field Notes From Scotland – May/June 2018

An excellent few days; travelling up on the Caledonian Sleeper train, then taking a hire car over to Mull, based at Tobermory before heading back over to the “mainland” to drive to Inverness for the return journey. A chance for the some general, though not concentrated photography. – JC

Field Notes From Kimmeridge – May 2018

One day, two dives and enough images to get a feature for Scuba Diver Magazine.

The conditions were good and I shot with both fish eye and macro. – JC

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Field Notes From Swanage – May 2018

Four dives over two days under the pier.

A nice set of images to illustrate a feature for Scuba Diver – macro, wide angle/fish eye and topside. – JC

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Field Notes From Whitby – April 2018

A trip to Whitby for the Goth Festival, which presents some interesting takes on “street photography”. A very good weekend all round. – JC

Field Notes From York – March/April 2018

An Easter weekend motorcycle trip in mostly poor weather. Some images, but nothing mind blowing. – JC