Field Notes from Kauai, July & August 2008

Kauai was a good opportunity at some all-round travel photography set in the context of our family holiday.

There’s some spectacular photographic opportunities here, although the absolute pinnacle of what is possible is down to patience, timing and a just a little bit of luck with the weather and light, which varies enormously.

Although “photographed to death”, it’s hard to resist taking pictures at the stunning Waimea Canyon and Kalalau Valley.

We were lucky to arrange a visit to the island of Niihau, to the south west of Kauai, which gave us an opportunity to photograph an area that most visitors to Kauai will only see in the distance.

From an underwater perspective, we enjoyed some stunning diving around Niihau where we were treated to some fantastic encounters with Hawaiian Monk Seals, allowing us to capture some pleasing images. Niihau Arches and Neon Cave were spectacular sites, too.

Amid all the goings on, our cameras had quite a battering, with one camera losing its ability to work its aperture wheel, and annoyingly our 12-24mm wide angle got dropped in a rockpool and has since been pronounced “dead”.

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