Field Notes from Kona Coast, Hawaii – September 2006

The Big Island of Hawaii is some of the world’s newest land – still volcanically active and geographically remote.

We visited Hawaii’s Kona Coast aboard the Kona Aggressor liveaboard and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was our first entirely digital underwater photography trip in that we were both using our Nikon D200/Subal housing setups – we felt that we learned a lot, and took a lot more images than had we been still using film.

The reefs are not as developed as you might find in south east Asia or the Indian Ocean, but there’s still plenty of subjects, whether shooting wide angle/fisheye or macro.

Most memorable were the incredible Manta Ray night dives around Kona for which the area is renowned, and a challenge photographically to convey what was experienced.

At the smaller end of the scale, there were plenty of macro subjects including photographic favourites such as frogfish and moray eels.

We were both pleased with our results and the greater scope that working digital gave us in terms of feedback and the freedom of being able to shoot more than 36 images per dive – JC

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