Field Notes From The Typhoon, Northern Red Sea Sea, Egypt June 2008

With two days in the UK to recover from the Philippines trip, it was back to the airport and off to Egypt for a week on the Typhoon liveaboard.

After some of the “little breakthroughs” that I felt I made in the Philippines, I struggled at times to please myself with some of the images I was taking here. I put it down to “brain fade” from two back to back trips, and that I’m now looking for that “wow factor” from everything I do, which of course isn’t very easy to achieve.

Nonetheless, I did achieve a reasonable set of images by the end of the week, including a few that I was very pleased with. I also felt that some “technical information” that I understood but hadn’t put into practice, came together intuitively in another “mini breakthrough, setting me up well for the next trip. Although on a dive by dive basis it doesn’t feel like it, I am making progress, but sometimes it feels imperceptibly slow. But at least its progress! – JC

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