Images From The Phillipines

15th December 2008

Photographers, photojournalists and BSOUP members Jeremy and Amanda Cuff have published a new PDF gallery of images from Puerto Galera and Dumaguete in the Philippines. 

Jeremy said, “I had a very productive and thoroughly enjoyable visit to the Atlantis Dive Resorts in Puerto Galera and Dumaguete. There’s some excellent diving awaiting the long haul dive traveller and I’d totally recommend it.” 

The gallery can be viewed on Jeremy and Amanda’s website at Go to the homepage and click the link to launch the gallery.

The website features a wide selection of photography and articles with particular emphasis on scuba diving and travel, although other topics such as abstracts and black and white photography are also included. 

New work is regularly added to the JA-Universe website in the form of new galleries and articles, and also news items and an image of the month.

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