Back in what seems like another life, I competed successfully in motocross, a skill that has translated well into motorcycle travel – especially the ability to predict, judge and assess grip levels, the (sometimes random and unfathomable) actions of other road users, the honing of reaction times and general bike control. Though it comes with no guarantees, its’ kept me safe so far.

In recent years, I’ve increased the use of the motorcycle as a means of travel and very much enjoy my time on it. I’m not particularly motivated by “an hour’s ride around the block”, preferring to use the bike as a means (and perhaps an inspiration) to visit new places, both here in the UK and elsewhere. I still get a “buzz” when I turn onto a road I’ve never travelled before.

I’m currently chipping away at riding the entire coast of the UK and Ireland, with all of England, all of Wales and all of Ireland done. Then it’s the bigger project of Scotland (including all the islands) – something I look forward to tackling.

In terms of motorcycle travel going forwards, I’ve got some interesting ambitions, and might write about them one day. Big on the “to do list” are;

  • A European odyssey vaguely to Poland and back (to visit a friend who lives there), but taking in many other countries and places as part of the trip. Before reaching Poland, I originally fancied travelling as far as the Black Sea, Moldova, Transnistria and perhaps even the Ukraine but that, of course, won’t be possible for the foreseeable time. I’ll need plenty of time, so not sure what might be realistically possible.
  • An entire circuit of Iceland (stopping off at the Faroes) has been on my “to do” list for a long time. I’m tentatively planning to do it in 2024.
  • The Arctic Circle – via Scandinavia and the Baltic – taking in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark (with a possible visit to the island of Bornholm), Germany, Poland, possibly Russia (the Baltic enclave) though highly unlikely now due to the Ukraine war, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway (passing above the Arctic Circle) and Sweden. Again, I’ll need plenty of time.

Though I’ve not published any writings about my motorcycle travels in any magazines or similar, I intend to do so in the future.

I am prepared to share this very old write up of our Pyrenees trip from 1998 – click here, and also a more recent piece that I’ve written about motorcycling on and around Salisbury Plain (click here).

See also my stories about seeking out all the species of UK Butterfly with my old mate Fuzz (Simon Russell) using the motorcycle as the means of travel (which kept us sane during the “Covid summers” of 2020, 2021 and 2022).

For editors and publishers, I am available to discuss any ideas you might have. Do feel free to contact me. – JC