The Second Half of 2023 & Beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic made it more difficult to plan things, especially travel, where you couldn’t be sure if it‘d be possible to visit a chosen destination due to sudden lockdowns and quarantining requirements, or indeed whether (thanks to the Covid related economic depression) one’s circumstances in a financial sense would still allow it.

As an (realistic) optimist, I always wanted to believe that things are possible – the quote “if it is not impossible, there must be a way to do it” sums up my attitude. So, although plans were cancelled, or put on hold or postponed due to “Covid”, things have since returned to relative normality, meaning that it’s realistic to think forwards with hopefulness and positivity for the future.

In that spirit of positivity, we’re always looking for new places for photography, diving, motorcycling, camping, walking, trekking and anything that you could call “absorbing”. We’re currently looking at some projects going forward into 2024 and as far down the road as 2026/7!

Ideas already booked or in our sights include a visit to the Brazilian Grand Prix at Sao Paolo, the Bahamas (Bimini to be precise for the Great Hammerhead encounters), a motorcycle trip to circum-navigate Iceland and the Faroes, Australia for a “far north exploratory” trip on the Great Barrier Reef, other dive destinations such as Raja Ampat, the Mediterranean and a few places in the UK. We’ll post things as they start to come to fruition. Plenty to keep us motivated. – JC

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