20th – 22nd May

A ride to Southbourne in Bournemouth for a quick family get together (Joan, Amanda’s mum had rented a house for the week), then from there, a ride up to Corby for an overnight stay ahead of a visit to Fineshade Wood, part of the Rockingham Forest, for the Chequered Skipper.

On the first day it was interesting, but frustrating, missing one probable sighting on one of the “Skipper walks” offered by Butterfly Conservation. Met some interesting people, and great to hear some Cuckoos in the woods. Managed photos of Dingy Skipper, Grizzled Skipper, Common Blue and Small Copper.

On the second day, I got on site early, in better weather than forecast, spotting my first Chequered Skipper just before 9am; I would see at least three, and probably four specimens, and captured decent images.

Afterwards, I paid a visit to the Glapthorn Cow Pasture reserve, a few miles away from Fineshade. No Black Hairstreak action, but likely to happen over coming days.

Before riding all the way back home, I stopped for a snack and beverage at the pleasant town of Oundle.

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