Trip Reports

For Travel Companies needing a thorough, balanced and truthful view of a destination, or perhaps a dive liveaboard, in advance of sending clients, we can help.

We’ve undertaken familiarisation trips for dive travel companies previously and will always give a broad and honest view in order to help you make the right decision.

What can a trip report offer?

We can visit destinations on behalf of Travel and Dive companies, and assist them in a number of ways, which can be tailored to individual requirements.

For example, we can produce highly detailed and insightful feedback in the form of a report that will allow decisions to be made about the suitability of a destination for paying clients.

Additionally, we can provide high quality images for the marketing of a destination, and work closely with the commissioning travel company, tour operator or agent to assist in any subsequent marketing and publicity that may be required.

Each trip report is produced and submitted in a professional and thorough trip report document.

Please talk to us about your special project and requirements!

What we can offer you

1) A Full and Comprehensive Visit Report

The production and submission of a full, detailed and comprehensive report in either printed or PDF format, written by Jeremy and produced in professional design studio facilities, that meets (and hopefully exceeds) your expectations, containing full information on a given destination plus insights, photography and any necessary background research.

2) Professional Representation of Your Company

In Jeremy, you have a person who can represent any travel and dive company in a professional, courteous and non-controversial manner.

3) Photography for Brochures and Websites

From each trip, we can provide high quality topside and/or underwater photography to illustrate your brochure and website.

4) Publicity & Marketing

We can assist tour operators and agents with publicity in terms of features, copy writing and supplements in both a printed and online format.

Please talk to us about your individual needs.

5) Our Personal Commitment

You get our personal commitment to make everything we do a success, and to work hard to meet and exceed expectations of those that we’re working with.

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