Adventure Travel

One might consider scuba diving and motorcycle travel to be “adventure travel”, but we are participants in other niches of “adventure travel” as well.

We’re big enthusiasts of the natural world and the outdoors, and have visited many wilderness areas and reserves, trekked mountains such as Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and conservation areas such as the Isalo National Park in Madagascar, as well as enjoying general “road trips”.

We haven’t published lots of features on wider adventure travel, but are open to the idea, and have the skills to do so, should we receive a request.

In more recent years, Jeremy in particular has developed a growing interest in wildlife photography (especially insects and to a lesser extent birds), and also motorcycle travel, so this could work nicely alongside other aspects of photojournalism we are experienced in producing.

If you’re looking for us to contribute, please get in touch with your ideas. – JC