6h – 13th April

Lockdown continues, but we’re lucky to have the “outdoorsy” space around us for regular walks. A couple of “exploratory walks” locally on some footpaths that are new to us such as Southleigh and Eastleigh Woods.

Having that extra time in the local area has been interesting; watching the spring come to life in much more detail than usual – Peacocks butterflies, Small Tortoiseshells, Brimstones, Orange Tips, Holly Blues and the chance to photograph the early emergences of Green Hairstreak and Grizzled Skipper with the 60mm lens.

A bit of moth trapping in the evening with my new “Moonlander” and Gooden Gemlight.

Other time spent “getting on top of stuff” such as website content and the dreaded “image pc sorting” which was in a terrible mess – how did it ever get that bad?

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