We like writing about what we do, but it doesn’t come as easily to write about ourselves. Anyway, here goes…


Born: Frome 1966

About: I lived in Frome until I was 5 years old, when my family moved to the village of Corsley just inside Wiltshire. I spent those formative years roaming the area (as kids did back then), which contributed in a major way to my interest in the natural world, and probably to my interest in travellinglater on.

I met Amanda in the late 1980’s (in Warminster) and we remained living in the area through most of our time together, though we were always more than happy to “go exploring” whenever the opportunities presented themselves.

I have a broad set of interests (see elsewhere on this website) and like to keep moving, exploring, learning and being creative.

We now have a son called Zac, who was born in 2003.


Born: Watford 1969

About: I was born in Watford, and lived in that area as a young girl before I moved to the Warminster area, following my grandparents on my mother’s side relocating there.

I met Jeremy in the late 80’s and we’ve developed many mutual interests together in travelling, diving and other mutual stuff. Along the way, a son called Zac appeared, who was born in 2003.