Field Notes From Cuba – March 2020

Cuba was a great trip for photography, though I always return from a trip thinking that I could have “got more”.

It was our first time that we’d left Zac “home alone” and we had more time to concentrate.

The streets of Havana are full of subject matter, so it was nice to be able to take a bit of time capturing some of the sights (and sites).

In terms of diving, the possibilities from the Gardens of the Queen were endless. I tended to spend time with the fish eye capturing shark, fish and reef scenery whereas Amanda shot macro (her preference). In hindsight, some more creative shooting of sharks was a missed opportunity.

For the last part of the trip, we visited the Zapata National Park and Bay of Pigs area to (among other things) see the Bee Hummingbird. I was able to get good imagery of this amazing bird (despite the failure of my SB5000 flash), as well as other rarities and endemics such as the Cuban Parrot and Fernandina’s Flicker. – JC

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