Art & Artworks

I’ve been an “appreciator” of art (in its’ many forms) for many years, and always enjoy visiting art galleries, exhibitions, installations and more localised craft/art fairs whenever possible.

As a child, I was good at drawing, but for whatever reasons, I didn’t pursue it further, which has been a regret (I try not to have too many).

I’d like to resurrect my creation of art, whether created by pen, pencil, brush, computer or other means, but so far I haven’t found much time. I remain optimistic.

Here’s some brief words about a couple of artists I enjoy. – JC

Bridget Riley

Amanda and I were fortunate to attend a Bridget Riley exhibition at London’s Southbank Centre.

Her work, initially involving black and white, moved into combinations of colour which are astonishing and striking. – JC

Brad Parker

Hawaii based Brad Parker is sometimes known as “Tiki-Shark”.

He was originally a Marvel Comic illustrator before striking out on his own as an artist in his own right.

He produces some stunning original pieces. – JC