5th – 6th December

Copies of our Diving Dreams and Sensational Socorros 2010 Calendars are now available at our local dive centre, Divezone in Melksham and Vobster Key, near Frome.

18th November

Jeremy and Amanda are pleased to announce the arrival of the 2010 “Diving Dreams” and “Sensational Socorros” Calendars. To purchase your copies, please visit our “Sales & Info” page.

15th November

Jeremy’s feature about underwater photography in Mexico’s Socorro Islands is published in the British Society of Underwater Photographers “In Focus” magazine.

21st October

Sport Diver publish Jeremy’s Socorro Islands feature, showing the fantastic pelagic action around these remote islands on Mexico’s Pacific side.

21st October

Sport Diver publish Jeremy’s Lulworth Cove feature.

20th October

Jeremy & Amanda’s 2010 “Diving Dreams” and “Sensational Socorros” calendar proofs are signed off and sent to print.

20th October

Work is completed on a new version of “Shoot To Thrill Policy” – featuring images from the Socorro Islands in Mexico.

6th October

Divequext use one of Jeremy’s images from the Philippines as the lead image on their latest e-newsletter.

3rd – 4th October

A short weekend trip to Dublin to celebrate a friend’s significant birthday. Not much photography, although we did take some images at the Guiness Factory.

1st October

Sport Diver preview Jeremy’s Socorro and Lulworth Cove features.

21st September

Jeremy and Amanda finalise a new 2010 Calendar – please contact us for details.

4th September

– UWP Magazine publish Jeremy’s feature about Mexico’s sensational Socorro Islands.

1st – 12th August

Still in the Caymans, with visits to the Turtle Farm, Rum Point, the South & East sides and other places of interest. Some sporadic diving too, at sites around Grand Cayman.

25th July – 1st August

A week aboard the excellent Cayman Aggressor, diving sites around Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

22nd – 25th July

Getting ready for Cayman Agressor.

22nd July

Off to the Cayman Islands.

20th July

Dive Photo guide publish Jeremy’s feature about diving Niihau and Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands, with particular reference to the Hawaiian Monk Seals.

3rd – 5th July

Feature writing, this time about diving in Lulworth Cove.

1st July

UWP publish Jeremy’s “Parting Shot” feature about photographing Hawaiian Monk Seals in Niihau, Hawaiian Islands.

1st July

UWP publish news of Jeremy’s “Fly Diving” feature from Australia.

28th June

Diving at Lulworth Cove in Dorset, part of the Jurassic Coast. A good dive day out.

20th – 21st June

Jeremy and Amanda enjoy the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. And we didn’t even take a camera!

15th June

Ocean Optics publish news of Jeremy’s “Fly Diving” feature on their website.

10th – 30th June

Feature writing, mostly about the Socorro Islands, with a few other things besides.

6th – 7th June

Back across “the pond” from Mexico City to London.

5th June

Heading home with a stopover in Mexico City.

2nd – 5th June

Back at Cabo San Lucas. A chance to sort images and start feature writing.

1st June

Back to San Benedicto Island, four dives at the Boiler site.

30th-31st May

Diving at the remote Roca Partida seamount. Shark action extraordinaire!

30th May

Dive Photo Guide publish Jeremy’s “An Underwater Photographer’s Guide To Lady Elliot Island, Australia”.

29th May

Diving Socorro Island, at the Cabo Pearce and Aquarium dive sites.

28th May

Full day at San Benedicto, four dives at El Canyon.

27th May

Arrival at Sans Benedicto Island, time for one dive at El Fondeadero.

26th May

To the marina to greet the Solmar V liveaboard, heading out on the 24 hour voyage to the Socorro Islands.

25th May

A two hour flight to San Jose Del Cabo, and a transfer to Cabo San Lucas.

24th May

A visit to the impressive Teotihuacan Pyramid complex outside Mexica City.

23rd May

Out and about in Mexico City. Visits to the Palace of Fine Arts, the House of Tiles, Zocalo (the main square with the Cathedral and Government Buildings), the ruins of Templo Mayor and the accompanying museum with displays of Aztec treasures and artefacts, Chapultepec Castle and nearby Chapultepec Park with its eccentric entertainers. In the evening, I visited the Coyoacan district, known for its restaurants, craft market and generally pleasant ambience.

22nd May

Jeremy heads out “across the pond”, bound for the Socorro Islands off Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

17th May

Our “Fly Diving in Australia” PDF feature about diving the Great Barrier Reef gets coverage on the Ocean Optics website.

17th May

Sport Diver use two of Jeremy’s images to illustrate their “Dive Holidays For All Budgets” feature – both from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

4th May

The BSOUP website features Jeremy’s “Fly Diving in Australia” feature – see the “News” section.

16th April

Sport Diver use one of Jeremy’s images from the Wreck of the SS Yongala to illustrate a feature.

16th April

Read about our “Fly Dive” trip to the Great Barrier Reef, which includes a PDF version – go to the “Text” area and click “Australia”.

15th April

Updates to the “Published Work – Articles & Features” section – look in the “Sales & Info” page to view.

13th April

Dive Photo Guide, the excellent US based underwater photography portal, publish Jeremy’s feature about diving the Kona Coast, on the “Big Island” of Hawaii. Look out for further features over the coming months.

9th – 13th April

Easter in Paris with our son Zac. A chance for some photography although not really possible to concentrate with a six year old boy in tow!

8th March – 3rd April

Sorting a trip to the Socorro Islands, off Mexico’s Pacific coast. These islands are also known as the “tongue twisting” Revillagigedo Islands. Likely to be lots on big animal action, especially sharks and giant mantas.

23rd March

Another feature completed, this time destined “down under”.

12th – 16th March

A surprise long weekend in Marrakech (for Amanda), Morocco. Amanda had a “significant” birthday, so we had to do something special and different. Great place for photography, although we mostly chilled out, which was our expressed desire.

21st February

Jeremy’s feature on diving the Wreck of the SS Yongala is published in the Ultimate Dive Destinations supplement.

17th February

Sport Diver publish Jeremy’s “Up North, Down South” Red Sea liveaboard comparison featuring images from the 2007 Marsa Alam trip aboard the Sea Serpent, and from the 2008 Sharm el Sheikh trip aboard the Typhoon.

17th February

Sport Diver publish Jeremy’s “Hawaii’s Forbidden Island” feature, from Niihau and Kauai, which includes incredible Hawaiian Monk Seal encounters and stunning underwater scenery.

5th – 9th February

A visit to Les Lecques in the south of France. A chance for some photography, although not the main purpose of the visit.

19th January

Jeremy completes a new version of the Kona Coast “Lights, Cameras, Action” feature.

15th January

Sport Diver preview Jeremy’s upcoming Egyptian Red Sea feature.

4th January

Compiling some images for the Ocean Optics website.

3rd January

The British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSOUP) website gives coverage to the publication of our PDF gallery from the Philippines.