Field Notes From The Turks & Caicos Islands July & August 2014

All round, a very successful trip aboard the excellent Turks & Caicos Aggressor liveaboard.

Photographically, we bagged some good images including some “new” subjects such as nurse sharks hunting at night. This trip also allowed us some close proximity with Caribbean Reef Sharks.

All in all, a good set of images for features. – JC

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Field Notes From Bandos April 2014

I really enjoyed Bandos, if for no other reason that is just so relaxing!

In terms of images, the slightly longer trip meant greater concentration and variety in the resulting pictures.

Overall, moving forward with the Inons!

Field Notes From Home – January to December 2014

On an off throughout many months of the year, my time in “the field” has sometimes been spent at a computer compiling images and content for this website! It’s been quite a task. – JC